bonnet point residence

Bonnet Point | Tasmania

Value   Confidential
Status  In Planning

Bonnet Point House is located approximately 20 minutes from Hobart in Tasmania.  Baldasso Cortese were commissioned to develop a three bedroom home for a client keen to maximise the dramatic views towards the Derwent River.

In response to the client’s brief, the design concept was generated by two seed pods found on the site.  This resulted in two separate and distinct wings; one private, one public. The private wing, anchored into the surrounding landscape towards the west of the site, consists of two bedrooms, a central study and associated utility spaces.  The public wing, consisting of living, dining and kitchen along with generous terraces to the north and south, cantilevers out over the landscape to maximise access to the all-important views.  A lower, more solid ground level supports this cantilever, and accommodates a third bedroom, small workshop, second living area and garage.

In keeping with the organic nature of the seed pods and the rural location of the site, the materials palette is simple and refined.  The upper part of the residence is timber clad, with glass and steel detailing and balustrades; whilst the lower part is primarily concrete.  The contrasting materiality of the upper and lower forms create a sense of support and tension between the individual architectural elements.