Dala yooro childcare centre

Bairndale | Victoria

Value   $3m
Status  Completed 2014

'Dala Yooroo’, meaning Little Gum Trees, is a 66 place Aboriginal early childhood development and family centre catering to the Gunai-Kurnai and other peoples of the Gippsland Lakes region.

The child care and early learning building was designed and connected with an existing building renovated to accommodate ancillary services for family, maternal and child health care and cultural learning rooms. The building form conceptually draws on the wing motif of ‘Booran the Pelican’ – an Aboriginal Dreamtime symbol from the Gippsland lakes region. This facility now delivers quality services to the Aboriginal community and completes the GEGAC masterplan first stage.

Gippsland & East Gippsland Aboriginal Co-Operative Limited

Peter Clarke