Hungry Jacks

Various Locations

Year     XXXX-ongoing
Status  Completed

Located in Southern Cross Station with views across the diesel V-line trains and the iconic, yet gritty, roofscape, our interest lies in exploring the rawness of this urban context. 

The shopfront, at once bold and solid, creates a sense of destination, then crumbles away to reveal the service area and a series of varied seating options, some contained and intimate, others expansive and communal. 

Boldness of colour is used to strengthen the brand presence, though the material palette is not that of a roll-out chain.  Materials and details found in the laneways of Melbourne are used to create different zones, reinforcing a design quality that this city now demands of its dining options.

Innovative interactive zones and plug-in bars enhance the users experience within the space and give a glimpse into the future directions of this quick-sale restaurant. *138 words

Hungry Jacks

Digital Presentation
Baldasso Cortese