Ivanhoe Grammar - Art’s Edge 

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This project involved conversion of the existing two storey Locksley House into a creative hub.

Upper level spaces were stripped out to expose the timber trusses as a dramatic design feature for the new Studio Arts and Communication facility.  This includes Drama, Music and Ensemble rooms.


Location Ivanhoe, Victoria

Client Ivanhoe Grammar

Project Status Complete

Floor Levels 2

Category Independent / Primary School / Secondary School / Heritage
/ Interiors

Photographer Peter Clarke

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New links were created to the lower level percussion studios, music practice and recording rooms.

A two storey foyer gallery with a boldly colourful louvre façade provides an ideal space for school functions and connects with the adjacent drama building.

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The refurbishment has concentrated on the opportunities afforded internally. Disused stairs linking ground floor to the lower ground swimming pool have been reinstated, providing connection to the new music practice rooms and new percussion studios and recording rooms created in the lower ground floor under croft.

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