This is the first such Annual and is a glimpse of some of our projects in the studio during 2018.

It was hard work for the editorial team to shortlist the projects to be highlighted, as we have on average 70 projects at any time across our 4 core markets of Healthcare, Education, Aged Care, and Lifestyle and Community.

We seek to give the audience a flavour of the immense amount of work and activities involved in the process of designing a building.

Very often we only get to see and appreciate the final product without understanding the huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes, we may glimpse some of the activity on a construction site, but rarely does the community get to see how that building design got to the point of construction.

Many designs can take years to get to that stage, once they have successfully navigated the Planning system, Funding and Financing, understanding site and context constraints, etc. Around about a third of all concept designs never make it to construction.

“Interestingly, this is the stage when most of the decisions that shape the final outcome are taken, yet few people outside this iterative and complex process ever get to see or experience it.”

It takes years of professional training and experience to master this process and yet we do not celebrate it.

We hope this Annual goes someway to redressing that balance.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all our clients and everyone that contributed to this Annual and we look forward to future collaborations to create beautiful Architecture and connect with communities.

Andy Scott, CEO

Baldasso Cortese