A word with our CEO


"I am constantly amazed by the combined skill and team commitment to doing the 'right thing' at Baldasso Cortese (BC). We have great people, committed to doing the “right thing” for our clients and going that extra mile.

In my career, I have travelled far and wide working in many parts of the world and I have never come across an organisation with such a positive and constructive team culture as at Baldasso Cortese.

No wonder, we win so many awards for customer service.

No wonder, we have great engagement and;

No wonder, we have great project outcomes for our clients.

I am very proud and very pleased to be leading such an outstanding team.

The future also looks very bright for everyone in BC and those associated with our firm as we continue to build upon these solid foundations. We are working hard to prepare our next and future generations of BC leadership, providing growth opportunities for many in BC.

As I said at our 30th anniversary, I am looking forward to being a special guest at our 50th anniversary and to see the marvellous project outcomes and meet some fantastically happy clients, colleagues and friends."


- Andy Scott