Victor McMahon Music Centre

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Victor McMahon Music Centre at St Kevin's College, Toorak.

Our design addresses issues of visual bulk, scale and interest in its residential context. A central gallery for gathering and informal performances provides access to the centre's large recital and rehearsal space and a range of smaller spaces for individual and group practice.

A new Oratory has been created as a place of personal reflection. The space is monolithic and monastic except for a solitary gold and black mosaic that celebrates St Kevin.

The robust materials palette responds to the college's zinc clad sports hall and takes cues from the St Kelvin's Monastery in Ireland with its stone construction and slit windows to form a composition that is the College's public face. In contrast the interiors are finished in Victorian Ash; like a musical instrument the spaces are finely sculpted, detailed to be warm and textural.