Silvertop Taxis


The old depot in Collingwood was devastatingly destroyed by fire in 2008.   Silver Top required an entirely new modern facility which embraced the company’s heritage and addressed the practical requirements of a busy taxi depot and communications facility.

The Gange family has been running taxi services in Melbourne since the horse-drawn carriage days of the late 1880s.  Their family heritage is integral to the evolution of transport in Melbourne.


Location Collingwood, Victoria

Client Silvertop Taxis

Status Completed

Floor Levels 2

Photography Sonia Mangiapane

Category Commercial

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2. Fire d.jpg

Fire across Melbourne


The Hook Turn

Site Aerial - Hoddle Grid.jpg

Mapping the Hoddle Grid


The building design drew its inspiration from the “Hoddle grid”, the layout of Melbourne streets devised by Robert Hoddle in 1837 before he famously went to lunch.  A rectangular grid is mapped over the façade and through the interior spaces, reinforced by bold colours and materials. 

The ground floor is effectively a transport hub for taxis, with offices and the radio room upstairs.


Graphics have been used to enhance the character and identity of the building; the hoods like street signage are in bold red and yellow colours to signify their presence.

The abstracted “Hook Turn” is used as a graphic element to liven an otherwise plain wall. The Melbourne grid abstracted as a graphic film to office glazing.

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