St Kevin’s Masterplan


St Kevin’s College is situated across three main campuses at Heyington in Toorak, Waterford in Richmond and Glendalough in Toorak.

The college commissioned the preparation of a Master Plan to accommodate the increase in student numbers, curriculum commitments, student services and senior staff accommodation.

The key to the success of the Master Plan for the Heyington campus was in finding sites for new buildings where apparently there were none, through the innovation of re-directing of vehicle traffic.


Location Toorak, Victoria

Client St Kevin’s College

Typology Education

Category Independent/Masterplan/ Secondary School/Interiors


In addition, we were able to use to great effect the slope of the steep site to accommodate two four storey buildings within restrictive local Town Planning requirements.

We have completed 6 major projects on the Heyington and Glendalough Campuses and are currently designing facilities for new sporting grounds and several refurbishment projects

St Kevins Smith Hall Dusk 02.jpg

KC Smith Hall