Every education and training environment is unique as each institution has a different educational philosophy, aim and emphasis, and therefore, different pedagogical requirements.

Our team are experienced and well-versed in pedagogy and space, and are continually challenged to develop both innovative and pragmatic solutions for learning environments. We seek to design spaces that allow students the safety and support to engage fully in their learning. This may result in connected, more flexible learning spaces or, more structured teaching spaces. We believe in linking inside and outside learning spaces and incorporate new educational technologies in meaningful ways. Children learn in many ways and we aim to create choice and variety in the learning spaces we develop.


What are the different kinds of learning spaces? Flexible, etc,

Which ones work effectively?

How do we know what our school needs?

What kind of questions can be answered in this article?

What kind of images can link pedagogical concepts to built form / prove our ability in building excellent education spaces

Drawings? Sketches? Photos? 3d Models?